Welcome to Xplan, this guide aims to help you utilize Xplan functionalities.

Firstly, make sure you have access to below training resources:

Centrepoint Alliance Technology solutions hub: https://techsolutions.cpal.com.au/

Iress Community and Iress Learning Centre: Iress Community ; Iress Learning Centre: Log in to the site


New User Training

1. Understanding each module, module pricing, and user request form


2. Dashboard and creating new clients, file notes


3. Update your user details/adviser ARN/CAR key details/signature from the preferences setting


4. How to filter out clients when you are managing your clients – using Criteria search


5.1 How to send or bulk send Emails to your clients from Xplan as well as saving the sent emails in the client’s file note section


5.2. How to create email templates


6. Set up datafeeds for client’s portfolio and insurance accounts:


7. Use Client Portal to give your clients access to their financial details in Xplan, fill Fact Find through the Client Portal, and sign a digital signature from the Client Portal


8. Use Outlook Plugin to synchronize your Outlook emails to the client’s file notes in Xplan


9. Send SMS messages to your clients from Xplan


10.1. How to create a diary on Xplan

10.2. Using Diary Sync to sync your Xplan dairy to your Outlook


11. FSG bulk update


12. Create invoices for your clients from Xplan


13. Schedule to send FDS& Opt-in report to your clients


14. Export client data


15. Revenue Reporting