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Xplan Pricing

Client Focus (CRM)

Client Focus is a comprehensive Fact Find and Client Relationship Module (CRM). Information stored within Client Focus can be integrated to all other modules in Compass for modelling purposes.

  • Unlimited document storage
  • Workflow and diary management
  • Client management reports

Iress Portfolio System (IPS)

The Iress Portfolio System (IPS or Portfolios) offers a complete client centric solution for financial planning and wealth professionals. It allows you to construct, review, analyse and maintain simple or sophisticated investment portfolios for your clients.

  • Client portfolio reporting
  • Automated Datafeeds

Risk Researcher

Risk Researcher is a fully interactive risk insurance quotation system, which allows you to determine client risk needs, assess model and recommend risk solutions.

  • Integrated Needs Analysis
  • Premium Modelling
  • Qualitative Analysis
  • Access to PDS library and News


A collection of 21 stand alone financial planning calculators and goal seek tools allowing you to model both simple and complex scenarios.

  • Retirement funding
  • Lifestyle goals
  • Super consolidation


A strategy based modelling tool allowing you to create and compare multiple scenarios for your clients. It allows for holistic analysis of a client's objectives, cashflow, assets and liabilities.

  • Model for client, partner and related entites


WealthSolver is a Super, Pension and investment platform comparison tool which allows you to compare switches, consolidations and rollovers.

  • Access to investment research
  • Access to Knowledge Base and News
  • Platform Fees and Features comparison


CommPay is a complete revenue management solution which captures and processes revenue data.

  • Integrates with Compass, combining client revenue data with CRM functionality
  • Flexible rules based revenue & remuneration management

Client Portal

Client Portal provides your clients with a login to a personalized portal curated with information about their portfolio, assets and goals.

  • Compass integration allows for real time updates
  • Available through iOS, Android, desktop or tablet devices