Empower your practice by integrating with various third-party applications and cutting-edge AI tools. Streamline operations, identify growth opportunities, and experience next-level financial intelligence today with our diverse integrations.

We encourage practices to use technologies that will suit their business needs provided appropriate records are kept in Xplan in line with the Record Keeping Licensee Standards. In order to facilitate this we have a two-level approval process.

Download Your Technology Action Plan

Download the Technology Implementation Action Plan on for a step-by-step guide to implementing Tech within your practice, please download the template below:


Technology Action Plan

CPAL Approved Provider

CPAL has undertaken system data security checks, tested and integrated the software. 


  • CPAL performs data security check​.
  • CPAL assess system/complete integration setup​.
  • CPAL update templates/systems.
  • CPAL test systems.
  • CPAL to perform due diligence on reliability of projection and input of CPAL projection rates.


Fact Find and Client Portal

Digital Signatures


CPAL Security Approved Provider

CPAL has undertaken system data security check, but the practice is responsible for set up, testing, integration.


  • CPAL perform data security check​.
  • Practice to assess system/complete integration setup​.
  • Practice to update templates/Systems.
  • Practice to test systems.
  • Practice to perform own due diligence on reliability of projection and input of CPAL projection rates.


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Generative AI

Dive into our AI Resource Center for insights and tutorials on integrating Artificial Intelligence into your business' strategy. Continually updated by our expert team, these resources will keep you at the cutting edge of financial AI innovations.


AI Tools

CPAL Security Approved AI Tools:



Centrepoint and Iress Data Security

We have developed two flyers that can be used with your clients describing what arrangements are in place to protect their personal information. Click below:

Centrepoint - How we manage your data and security

Iress Information Security