You will need to first decide which clients are going to be emailed, and what Filters you are going to use to segment them to produce your list. You can also refer to the Article How do I create a new Advanced Search Criteria? for instructions on how to further filter your clients.

You can also have a pre set email template to send which is outlined in article How do I create an email template?

1. At a glance from the client search result page, you can set some basic filters such as the Category

2. If there are any clients you want to exclude from the list, tick the first box as highlighted so all the clients are selected, then simply untick the client/s you want excluded EG below Annuity, Care

3. Once you have your list ready, click on Email

4. Then click Email All Excluding SMS Address




5. You can select from an already set up email template, if so please allow the page to reload with the Contents

6. If you have a template from Step 5, just make sure everything is correct.

If you do not have a template pre set, please type manually the information you would like to send to your clients

Feel free to use the following code if you would like to have the clients name addressed. The code is also set to check if there is a partner or if the client is not an individual to print the respective name/s.

Dear <:let has = False:><:if $recipent.first_name:><:=$recipient.first_name:><:if $recipient.has_partner:> and <:=$recipient.partner.preferred_name:><:let has = True:><:end:><:end:><:if not has:><:=$recipient.superfund_name:><:=$recipient.company_name:><:=$recipient.trust_name:><:end:>,



Attach Document File will take you to the Document Library/Note & Documents section

Upload File is from your computer directly




  • Attached Clients can be used to send emails to recipients while including email syntax or attached reports about attached clients, such as for forwarding information to other professional advisers. Any entities in the recipient list with a duplicated email address will be flagged as Yes in the Duplicate column. You can then click Mceclip2 to remove the duplicate email address.
  • If there are more than 200 entities in the recipient list, the full list will not be displayed. Click Search to determine if there are any duplicates in the list - the Duplicate Emails dialog box opens. Tick the checkboxes of all entities to be excluded from the email list. Click Ok.


Override From Address

Mceclip4 (1)

  • If you have the User Capability Override From Email Address and are emailing a client, you can select which of the Adviser fields email address will be used as the "From Address."


Mceclip5 (1)

Set the note permissions:

  • Add Note: Add email to entity note - tick checkbox to save a copy of the sent email against all recipient clients. This will enable the note settings.
  • Client Access - tick checkbox to allow clients to view the created note in Client Online Access.
  • Note Type - set the type of the created note.
  • Note Subtype - set the subtype of the created note.
  • Note Permission - set the user visibility permissions of the note
  • Case Template - select the Case template that the note will automatically be linked to. The note will be linked to the last activated instance of the specified Case template.


To add an XMERGE Document select the XMERGE tab from the left hand menu

Select Add then locate the XMERGE document you wish to merge and attach

Set the Variables, Format and Type as required. Then select Back

Your selected XMERGE template will merge and attach to the email once you click send.

Please note when using an XMERGE template you are not able to preview the XMERGE before sending. In instances where you wish to check the content before sending you should merge the XMERGE template as normal against the client before option to send the email


Click Preview to display a preview of the email. and to check any mistakes or edits.

Click Send.