• Under Admin > Site > Templates > Email Template


  • Select Add and choose whether to create your email template from the wizard or from a blank template. The wizard option will help you design a professional looking email with banners and images.

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  • Enter the details for your email template and save


Owner: Will be automatically populated but can be changed if needed

Recipient Type: Choose whether the email is to be sent to a client, professional adviser, referrer, user or a fixed recipient

Type: Choose Normal or indicate if the email will be sent from the Diary, a Campaign, a Task or from a Note

Email Body: When entering the body of your email it is best to create the email within the email editor itself and use the formatting toolbar. Alternatively you can click on the 'Source' option in the toolbar and code the template using HTML

To add an image to an email template you will need to upload the image to the Document library

To insert code, you can use the 'insert syntax' icon in the toolbar

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Attachments Tab: Can be uploaded as per normal

Override from Address Tab: Allows you to set the sending email address to be the adviser or other role when sent by someone else in the practice

Miscellaneous Tab: Ensure you check this tab to update the permission settings and note settings