If your site does not currently have a Mailing List option to record a clients consent, a boolean field will need to be created in field definitions to use as your unsubscribe link. Note, this must be a bool field and can only have the options Yes or No in order to work with the link.


Please contact your site administrator if this has not been set up. The display name may be different on your Xplan site, example below:


Add the below code to your email template

Refer to Article How do I create an email template? if unsure on how to create an email template.

Use either of the below code in your email template to allow the client to click a 'subscribe link <:=$recipient.subscribe_link("field_name", "Subscribe"):> or an 'unsubscribe link <:=$recipient.unsubscribe_link("field name", "Unsubscribe"):>


For the Mailing list field example above the code for the email template would be:

<:=$recipient.subscribe_link("mailing_list", "Subscribe"):> or <:=$recipient.unsubscribe_link("mailing_list", "Unsubscribe"):>



If you want to edit the text that appears instead Subscribe or Unsubscribe, you will need to carefully edit the text within the " " section of the code EG <:=$recipient.subscribe_link("mailing_list", "Subscribe"):> can also be changed to <:=$recipient.subscribe_link("mailing_list", "Please Click Here to Subscribe"):>