Datafeed Migration - MLC Wrap & Navigator (Aviva) to IOOF Group


Following on from communication sent from IOOF, they have now actioned the migration of the datafeeds from both MLC Wrap & Navigator (Aviva) across to the IOOF Group datafeed.

For all users who previously had accounts flowing through under the MLC Wrap and Navigator (Aviva) datafeeds, they will now flow through under the IOOF Group adviser mapping. See link to the IOOF Group Datafeed setup guide: Datafeed Setup | Adding IOOF Adviser Mappings | Centrepoint Alliance Technology Solutions (


We have been notified if an existing mapping was present for MLC Wrap and Navigator accounts, the IOOF Group datafeed should automap to the correct xplan entity, into the 'Portfolios -> Portfolio -> Position' page. We expect as part of the process the prior datafeed accounts from MLC Wrap and Navigator will be supplied with a zero'ing out transaction to close those Portfolios accounts.

You will need to navigate to the Client Focus page respective for the type of account your client holds Investment: 'Financial Details -> Balance Sheet' Super & Pension 'Financial Details -> Super, Pension Annuities' then update the Platform to the respective 'Expand ....' platform, then also updating the link for the IPS Account to ensure its pulling through the IOOF Group datafeed supplied account. 

This will then ensure you are advising on the correct account for your clients post migration.


Special Note: Specifically for the IOOF Group datafeed mapping, if an update is performed on the IOOF Online password for the adviser portal, this will also need to be updated in Xplan for the IOOF Group datafeed mapping, as this is part of the datafeed credential.


Published by Joshua Heath