Turn on the Datafeed

The first step is to turn on the datafeed through IOOF Online portal:

Go to: https://adivser.ioofonline.com.au then log in to 'IOOF Online'


Once you have logged in to 'IOOF Online', click on your adviser initials in the top right corner, then select 'My account'


Under 'Data feed settings' toggle the button to change the Status


To register for data feeds, you are required to accept the terms and conditions, re-enter your 'IOOF Online' password:



Updating on Xplan:

To setup the Datafeed Mapping, Navigate to the button > Integration > System Datafeeds

From System Datafeeds page, click Mappings > Advisers

The 'User' that the Adviser Mapping is added against will be the 'Vendor Adviser, it is best practice that the user selected is the 'Client Adviser' in Xplan.

When the correct user is selected, click Add Mapping: Noting the following

    Provider: IOOF Group

    Adviser ID: IPS followed by your IOOF Adviser Code, for example 'IPSA111' if your adviser code was A111

    Login & Password: Are your login credentials you use to login to the IOOF Online adviser portal. Should you need to update your IOOF Group adviser portal password, you will need to remember to also update the adviser mapping


Enter a comment with your name, this will be useful for troubleshooting at a later date.


The IOOF Group datafeed will appear as a line item under the user it was added against, the new/updated adviser mapping can take 24-48 hours to register with IressNet.

After 24 hours, you will be able to use the 'Validate Credentials' feature:

Clicking on , will prompt a notification that will appear to confirm whether the details are valid or not,

If they are invalid, check that there are no trailing spaces in the password or username when copied/pasted. If not, contact IOOF with screenshots of Xplan and with credentials used.