Video Produced April 2019



The Execution Only Builder allows you to produce a document that provides the client with details, costs and information related to an execution instruction that they have specified.


1. Go to Wizards> 2. Advise the Client> Execution Only Builder

2. For Execution Only Builder you will need to create a new scenario by typing a Scenario Name

3. Select the appropriate entity for Who is this document for

4. Select the appropriate adviser for Who is this document from

5. Enter the Document Date and the Date of Provided Instructions

6. Execution Only Transaction type select if your instructions are for Share Transactions, Non Share Transactions or Insurance Transactions

7. In the Client Instructions insert details of your client's instructions and what is required, the template button is available if you would insert standard templates.

8. If you had selected transaction type as Share Transactions you can click to include your details for your Execution Only Share Transactions

    1. First select the Type of transaction, whether they are Buy or Sell
    2. Enter the Full Share Name and ASX Codeg. Centrepoint Alliance Limited and CAF:ASX
    3. Enter the Share Price, Number of Shares, Brokerage %, Licensee Split in whole numbers, do not include $ , . % or any other symbols.

Note: by clicking on Add More and then save will bring you back to this editor page straight away for you to add your next transaction.


9. Click against the Add Your Remuneration Fill in Who is Paying for this, Type and Subtype and this will automatically fill in Fee Description, Calculated on (description of how this fee is calculated) and When is this Payable. You will need to fill out Total Amount Payable and Source of Payment (ASIC requirement; how the client pays for their fees) Checking Add More before clicking save will take you to another editor page to add you next remuneration straight away.

Note: Initial Advice is not appropriate for this document and will not merge through even if you have selected

10. Next, merge the document by clicking