This guide will assist in merging diary appointment letters and sending them directly to clients. When you set up a diary appoint against a client under Client Menu > Activities > Diary or when you add an appointment under Hubs >Diary, you will be able to merge out the client letter from this appoint event directly.

How to Merge Diary/Appointment letter from CWT

Merging Client Appointment Letter through Client Profile

Navigate to your client, then go to Client Menu > Activities > Diary


Click on the appointment details Events > Title, so you can see the below screen.



Then click on Merge Report in the orange menu bar down the left of the page.

Make sure that the Report Category drop down box displays


Now click on the Image007 button. There are a few template letters saved in this folder. Untick the box for whichever does NOT apply – so only have a tick in the box for the letter you want to merged.


Merging Client Appointment Letter through Diary

Another way to generate the diary appoint letters is through Hubs > Diary.  Right Click on the Appointment. Select Quick Merge > *CWT – Letters > Choose your preferred client letter.



Adding a File Note for the Client Letter

At the bottom of the page in the client note section, the Attachment > Add merge result as document note gives you the option of having the merged document automatically saved as a File Note in the Filing area. Just click the tick box and some extra options will appear as per below: 



Type in a subject for the note, select a Note type, and then make sure the Permission is a set to Shared with client’s groups.

Now click the Execute button in the top right corner for notification that the report is complete. Notification message generated by CWT are now displayed in the Title Bar. The number of unread notification messages are displayed on the bell icon Screenshot 2023 03 05 233525.

You can download the report by clicking on the bell.

The Report will be in Word format so you can edit as required and post to your client. Alternatively you could copy the content of the Word document and paste into an email and send to your client that way.