Xplan Diary allows you to keep track of appointments and meetings with clients and other users. Users can set up the Xplan diary to synchronize with their Outlook diary.

Note: Xplan Diary sync is not available for Google Calander, it only supports Office 365.

The following steps are required:



Contact Compass/CWT support via 1300 557 598 to set up Diary sync on the system settings



Set up for each user

Each user who wants to be able to synchronize their diary needs to do the following

  • Go to Admin Image001> Integration > Diary
  • Select Diary Sync > Login
  • In Sync Service select your Server address from the drop-down menu.
  • Enter your Server/Outlook email address in the User Name
  • Tick the Change Password box to display the password fields.
  • Enter your password for the Sync Service (mail/diary server).
  • Click on the Test button to confirm if the linking is successful
  • Then click Save.




Optional: Set up a Delegate (if you are making appointments for another person)

You can have multiple people assigned as delegates to create diary events for advisers or other users. When a delegate creates a Diary event for an adviser, Xplan can be set to use the adviser's sync account to update their Outlook Diary.

For the adviser's sync account to be used when another user creates a Diary event on their behalf, the following steps must be performed:

Log on to Xplan as the person for whom the diary events will be created:

  • Go to Cogwheel icon > Integration > Diary
  • Select Admin > Organiser Delegate (as per below)


  • Click Select User next to Delegate
  • Use the pop-up window to search for the required user that you wish to assign as a delegate.


  • Highlighting the user by clicking on the name will add to the delegate list.
  • Repeat the above step for any other delegates.
  • Click OK to complete, then click Save on the top right.

When making appointments for another user

This can only be created by someone who is a delegate.