This function will allow you to add a paraplanner to a client which will allow the paraplanner access for the duration of writing a plan. You will then be able to remove the access when needed. We have created a task template for tracking and a field to search for clients easily.

This function will only be available to those with Office Manager Access.

Adding a Paraplanner

To add a paraplanner to a client entity navigate to Key Details > General. Select Edit

Select the Paraplanner field option (2).

Search for the paraplanner (3) and then select their name (4). Select Ok (5).

Select Save.

You will then be able to repeat the same steps as above to remove the access by selecting the Adviser as the Paraplanner.


Task Template

After you have added a paraplanner you can add a task to help with the tracking of the clients you have added a paraplanner to.

The task Template is called CWT – Paraplanning tracking.

The task will send you a reminder after 30 days of adding the task.


There is a field under the Search Filter after creating a client list for Paraplanner. You can use this field to find all clients who have been assigned a particular paraplanner.