This guide will run through the different methods of transferring holding within Portfolios.

Transferring for Manual Accounts

To transfer a holding within a client select Portfolio > Portfolio > Position and review the account you are working on.

Items to note:

  • Account name – Name of the account you are transferring from and to.
  • Subfund APIR code.
  • If changing position ID’s then record position ID of the holding by selecting the action option for the holding

Once you have recorded these details Select Portfolio > Admin > Transfer Holdings.

Note: You will need to ensure you are viewing Portfolios on a single client and not in the View All option.



Transfer Subfunds to different accounts

  1. Update the Source details. This is the details of the subfund you wish to transfer.
  2. Select Portfolio (Client)
  3. Account (the account the subfund currently sits)
  4. Add the Investment and Exchange
  5. Update the Destination details. This will be the details of the account you are transferring the subfund to.
  6. Select Portfolio (Client)
  7. Account (the account you are transferring into)
  8. Leave the Investment and Exchange codes blank
  9. Ensure you change the Reapply Corporate Actions to No
  10. Select Transfer

Transfer one subfund to another

  1. Update the Source Details.
  2. Update Account
  3. Select the Investment Code and Exchange
  4. Update the Destination Portfolio and Account the same as the Source
  5. Select the Investment Code and Exchange that the subfund is transferring to.
  6. Update Reapply Corporate Actions to No
  7. Select Transfer

Transfer the same subfund on two position ID’s to One.

  1. Update the Source Portfolio & Account
  2. Enter the Investment Code & Exchange
  3. Update the Destination Portfolio & Account to match the Source
  4. Update the Destination Investment Code & Exchange to match the Source
  5. Update Transfer Holding Details to Replace Existing Position Details
  6. Update Reapply Corporate Actions to NO
  7. Select the first position ID for Position
  8. Select Edit Sources
  9. Untick the first Subfund in the list
  10. Select Transfer

Transferring for Datafeed accounts

When transferring for Datafeed accounts you will need to ensure that a datelock is applied otherwise the transfer may be overridden by the datafeed refresh.

Example: Matrix Datafeed Cash error

All Matrix datafeed accounts will have a date lock of 09/12/2016. Please ensure care us taken when dealing with the date lock to ensure no historic data is removed.


    1. Head to Portfolios > Portfolio >Position
    2. Select the account which needs to be updated under Portfolio Account.
    3. Select the Pencil (Edit) Icon and this will open the Edit Account Details window.
    4. Update the Account Lock Date to 09/12/2000 and select Ok.
    5. Then head to Portfolio >Admin > Transfer Holdings
    6. Update the Source – Account to the matrix account.
    7. Add the Investment code to MAQ0203OA
    8. Add the Exchange as FND
    9. Update the Destination – Portfolio and Account to match the Source.
    10. Add the Investment Code
    11. Update the Exchange to CASH
    12. Leave all other fields and update Reapply Corporate Actions to No
    13. Review the Source and Destination and confirm you have the correct details.

  14.Then Select Transfer

  15.Head back to Portfolios > Portfolio >Position

  16. Select the Matrix account we just transferred and select the Pencil Icon.

  17. Update the Account Date Lock back to 09/12/2016. *This step is essential as it ensures no historical Oasis data is lost*