We have added a new Transaction Search report, “Detailed Transaction Listing – Adv% & Dlr Amts”. Search criteria & selections remain unchanged, but the resulting output now includes a column showing the Adviser percentage. There are also an additional 3 columns showing the Dealer group amounts.


In order to produce a Transaction Search report, you will need to be in the CommPay main page which is through CWT Home à Administration Functions à CommPay then Transactions on the left menu.


  1. Choose which Adviser you are going to run the report for by clicking on the dropdown box and selecting the adviser. You can also select multiple Advisers to run the report against by clicking on ticking the Advisers then click OK.
  2. The output is determined using the Group By options, as mentioned using the new “Detailed Transaction Listing – Adv% & Dlr Amts” will now show the Adviser percentage split with 3 extra columns for the Dealer Group amounts. We recommend keeping the options set as per above screenshot where it is mainly “All” however you can adjust to generate your own specific report.
  3. Once you have set the filters, click Search on the top right to bring through the “Search Results”:


     5. To generate this into and excel document, click on CSV:

You will receive this pop-up, just click OK and the report will come through as an envelope notification for download


When you open the spreadsheet, the additional columns are as per below:



If you have any questions regarding this process contact the Remuneration and Reporting Team using the below details:

Remuneration and Reporting

T 1300 557 598 (Option 1 > Option 2)

E remenquiries@lavista.com.au