New business


Additional Information

Adviser Service Fee - Upfront

Upfront ASF


Initial Insurance

Risk Upfront


Initial Remuneration

Investment Upfront


Prospera Upfront Fee

Upfront Prospera Fees



Adviser Service Fee - Ongoing

Ongoing ASF

Included in FDS revenue

On-Going Remuneration

On-Going Investment Revenue


Portfolio Management Fee

HUB24 PMF Fees

Included in FDS revenue

Prospera Ongoing Fee

On-Going Prospera Fees

Included in FDS revenue

Trail Insurance

Risk Trail


Client Fees


Plan Fees


Upfront Fees

Upfront/Once Off Fees


Client Service Fee

Client Service Fee


On-going Fees

On-going Fees

Included in FDS revenue

Fin Plan Benefit Fee

Financial Planning Benefit payment

Financial Planning Benefit payment from Suppliers to advisers for providing advice on payment of claim to client


If you have any questions regarding the types contact the Remuneration and Reporting Team using the below details:

Remuneration and Reporting

T 1300 557 598 (Option 1 > Option 2)