This guide steps through the process in CWT where you can make invoice payments from Credit Cards using the National Australia Bank (NAB) Payment Gateway. The transaction details are sent to the gateway via a secure connection and NAB processes the transaction.

The CWT Support Team will set up your individual User Profile to allow for processing the payments, and add your Practice to the Gateway Payment system.

*Note: This guide assumes an invoice has already been created. Please refer to the Invoice User Guide for instructions on creating an invoice.  

Step 1: Navigate to an Existing Invoice

You can navigate to an invoice in two different ways:

  1. Invoice Short Cut
    1. Click Admin → Service, Fees and Invoicing → Invoicing.
    2. Use the filter options to display a list of invoices
  2. Through the Client profile
    1. In the navigation menu, select Activities à Invoices
    2. Use the filter options to display a list of invoices

Step 2: Make a Credit Card Payment

On an invoice that has outstanding funds payable, click the dropdown box Image001 to select either:


Make a payment via ClearView NAB Gateway


Make a payment via Matrix NAB Gateway.

*Note: You will only see the Gateway that is aligned to your Dealer Group.





Click OK to confirm that you wish to use the NAB payment gateway


Confirm the amount being paid by Credit Card. The amount defaults to the outstanding amount for the invoice selected. Edit the amount if paying less than the pre-populated amount. Click Confirm.


Complete all the required Credit Card details as shown below, and click “Submit”

Note: Only payments through Visa and Mastercard are accepted


If the payment is successful, there will be a record stored against the client on the invoice screen, under ‘Payments’. The method will be recorded as “Credit Card”


Step 3: CommPay Processing

The amount debited from the client’s credit card will appear in the commission bank account overnight. Our process is to hold this for 3 days, ensuring it does not dishonour, and then process it against the invoice number from CWT. If dishonour occurs, we will advise you to contact the client.

Step 4: Fees & Charges

There are no fees or charges to either the client or the adviser (as at May 2020). We reserve the right to introduce a fee or charge at a later date.



If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact the Remuneration Team using the below details:

Remuneration and Reporting

T 1300 557 598 (Option 1 > Option 2)

E remenquiries@lavista.com.au