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Unmapped clients are created when the remuneration team are unable to match a commission record from the Supplier to an existing client in CWT. The Remuneration team will send an email to the adviser when new business is received and we’re unable to find a match. Unmapped clients will appear in CommPay Transaction searches with a Client id as “0”.

Support staff may not have the capability to view CommPay transactions, but do have the capability to view all unmapped clients. This process will allow Support Staff to map these unmapped clients.


To map a client if it has come through as unmapped in CWT you will need to navigate to the CommPay main page through CWT Home > Administration Functions > CommPay then click on Mapping > Client Map


You can choose to apply certain “Filters” to narrow the list of clients then click on Search, however all unmapped CommPay clients will be automatically displayed beneath “CommPay Client Name”.

To view the CommPay policies relating to each client, click on Image003


When you are ready to map a policy, click on Image007 that’s next to Image003 which provides the listed options:

Seek Match – Will display results in “XPLAN Clients” based on a name match

Search… - Allows you to search for a client specifically

Create and Match – Will create the unmapped client with limited details. **This will create a new entity in CWT if the client is not set up already.**


Seek Match

After the results have been displayed form this search function and you have found the matching client, tick the checkbox in both the “CommPay Clients” and “XPLAN Clients” sections then click Match to map the client.

Note: This is a test scenario so the details don’t match in this instance but the details should match normally.



If you have used this function, the below window will appear to search for the client. Enter in the clients name then either press “Enter” on your keyboard or click on  to display the results. To select the client, either click on their name so its highlighted then click OK, or you can just double click on their name. Tick the box next to “Match immediately” if you would like to map the client upon selection otherwise you will need select the individual policy as per above and click Match on the next screen.


Create and Match

**To avoid duplicates, it is recommended to check if a client profile exists in CWT first before proceeding with this step.**

If a client has come through into CommPay but there is no CWT record for the client, this option will create a brand new CWT profile and map the client automatically. You will be prompted with the below confirmation message, click OK to continue.

The unmapped client has now been created in CWT and the CommPay policy record now appears in the Client’s CommPay section


CWT Mapping

CommPay mapping can also be achieved through a client’s CWT Profile. Once you are in the client, click on CommPay à Client Map à Search by Surname

This will then bring up the below window to select the policy that requires mapping. Tick the relevant policies the click on Merge

The policy should now be mapped as per below. Click on Search if it doesn’t automatically appear.


If you have any questions regarding this process contact the Remuneration and Reporting Team using the below details:

Remuneration and Reporting

T 1300 557 598 (Option 1 > Option 2)