What are Referrers?

Referrers in Compass are:

  • An 'entity' with their own address, phone number, etc. In Compass individual clients, SMSF's, and even staff members are entities.
  • Free to create and unlimited in number
  • Whatever you need them to be, accountants, mortgage brokers, book buys, sales campaigns, segmentation etc.
  • Not automatically linked to CommPay - you will need to let Advice Technology know if you intend to use your referrer in CommPay reporting.



  1. Click on the plus button in the top right hand corner
  2. Click on the referrer button within the dropdown that appears
  3. Complete the mandatory fields of surname and first name, plus any other fields that you would like to.
  4. Save the record
  5. If you would like to use the referrer in CommPay reporting, send details of the referrer that you made to the Advice Technology Team via compass.support@cpal.com.au


Assigning Referrers to Clients


  • Allows the use of CommPay reporting that features your chosen referrer in a column with the relevant clients
  • Enables reporting of all clients referred or connected to a referrer entity

Steps (Method A): 

  1. Open up the client that you would like to work on.
  2. Use "Know Your Client" on the left hand side to access the "Main" page.
  3. Edit the page and scroll down to "Referral Name"
  4. Search your referrer and click "Okay"

Steps (Method B):

  1. Open up the client that you would like to work on.
  2. Use "Client Engagement" on the left hand side to access the "Referral" page.
  3. Use the black "Add" button
  4. Press the grey button for "Select Referrer" and choose your referrer from the popup
  5. Select "Yes" from the primary button if using for CommPay.
  6. Save


Producing a Referrer Report


  • Ability to report on each adviser within a multi-adviser practice
  • Ability to report on the primary referrer against each client
  • Ability to report on the client segmentation


  • All clients mapped
  • All client with correct adviser in Compass
  • Referrers connected to CommPay by Advice Technology Team



  1. Navigate to Side Menu at the top left of the screen.
  2. Use the "handshake" icon to navigate into the CommPay menu.
  3. Select Transactions near the middle.
  4. Select your preferred search period (i.e. payrun week, date range).
  5. Select "Referral Report" from the report grouping options.
  6. Use the black "Search" button in the top right to load the records
  7. Use the grey "CSV" button in the top right to export to Microsoft Excel
  8. Use Microsoft Excel's table function to format the payment data including the headings by selecting it and pressing "insert table" from within the Insert menu.
  9. Use the Autosum function to summarize the column with the payment totals that are relevant to you.
  10. Use the filters on the headers of each column to pick the view you want.
  11. The Autosum will update with your selection.