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Logging into the Portal as an Adviser

Advisers can log into the portal as an adviser. From this view advisers can view all clients that have access to the portal and view the clients login from the clients perspective.

To login to the Client Portal as an Adviser, ensure you select the Adviser tab and enter your Xplan login details. When you login to the Client Portal you will be logged out of Xplan



Setting up Cliet Advisers details correctly in Xplan

For the Adviser details to flow correctly into the Client Portal and the functionality within the client portal to work correctly, it is important to check the advisers contact details are correct.

To do this the client’s adviser needs to Log into Xplan > My Preferences > My Details > Adviser key contact details.

The adviser’s details should be set up using the following highlighted detail options.



Ensuring client is correctly set up in Xplan

For clients to be able to access the new Client Portal, there contact details need to be setup into Xplan correctly with a ‘Home Email’ and ‘Mobile Phone’. Ensure that the Mobile phone has the correct Australian Area Code (+61) and is set to Preferred SMS Mobile = Yes.



Granting Client Access to the Client Portal

To provide your client access to the Client Portal, navigate to Client Management > Client Access > Access > Enable Access.


Next you will need to fill in login details.

Login Mode = Login Capability

Access Level = Select appropriate access level - Portal (Message), Portal (Assets), Portal (Portfolio) Note – Do not use other Access levels as these may turn on the historic client online which is charged. User ID = User ID will default to the client’s entity ID. It is best practice to use the client’s entity ID.

Password = You can choose a password for your client or Generate a random password using the ‘Generate Password’ button. You can also force the client to choose a new password the first time that they login.

Expiry = You can disable clients access by using an expiry date. If left blank, then access will continue indefinitely unless manually disabled.

Billing Group = Should be left as the default option “ADVISER-DELAYED”.


Once details have been entered and you click “Enable Access”. An email will be sent to the Clients email address with their username, password and a link to the client portal.



Access Levels & Features

There are 3 different levels of access that will define the features that the client will have when using the client portal. Each level of access will add new features to the client portal.


Portal (Message)

Portal (Assets)

Portal (Portfolio)

Messages & Documents




Digital Signature




Fact Find




Assets & Liabilities




Portfolio Investments





Messages and Documents

This will allow clients and advisers to view and create messages within the secure client portal.


From the Adviser


Advisers and their staff can send messages using the “Client Notes” feature in Xplan. Any information within the Summaries tab and any attachments within the attachments tab will be shared with client.


Create a note and enter information and add any attachments > click the “Related” tab


“Client Access” tick box – This will share the note with the client when the next login to the Client Portal


“Notify Client” tick box – This will send the client an email notifying them that there is a message for them and direct them to the Client Portal.

“Entities” section – This will allow you to add the note to multiple entities. For example both the client and their partner.



From the Client


The “Notes and Documents” tab will notify the client if there are unread messages. By clicking into the “Notes and Messages” tab the client will be able to view messages and documents sent by the adviser.

If the client replies to a message or “Composes a new message, then the adviser will be notified of the new message through an email.



Digital Signatures

The client portal allows clients to sign documents using the digital signature option through the portal. The digital signature can be used for any advice documents (SOA, FDS…), however many external parties such as platform providers do not except this form of digital signature.

Check with external platform providers if they will accept the Xplan digital signature.


From The Adviser


To send digital signatures


  1. Navigate to Client Notes > locate the note with the attachment that you require a digital signature for
  2. Select the dropdown action button > Digital Signature

  1. Select the attachment that requires a signature
  2. Select the user that is required to sign the attachment
  3. Click “Finalise signatories”



6.       If you receive a warning stating that “you may be charged for this digital signature” please ignore this warning. 


  1. Once you have clicked ok to the warning you will have the option to notify the client via email or void the document. In this screen you will also be able to see the status of the signature as well.




From The Client


Client will be able to access the client portal > navigate to the “To Be Signed” section and then view and sign/decline the online signature.





The Factfind allows client to use the portal to update their information which will flow through into Xplan. The Factfind is a slimed down version of the Client Data Form which should still be completed during the advice process.

From the Adviser


To activate the factfind first login to Xplan, within the client menu > Client Management > Client Access > Access

Next change the Factfind status to Unlocked. Once the client begins entering the information in the fact find the will change to in progress and will then change to locked once the client has submitted the information.

The Factfind type should be changed to Onboarding for new clients and detailed for existing client.



From the Client


When the client logs in the will receive a notification to prompt them to complete the factfind.



Assets and Liabilities

To Access Assets and Liabilities users will need to have an access level of Portal (Assets) or Portal (Portfolio). This module will allow the client to view assets and liabilities that are entered into the Balance Sheet on Xplan. It is therefor important to ensure that this section of Xplan is complete and up to date if you are going to allow clients access.

From the Adviser



From the Client




Portfolio Investments

For clients to access their portfolio they will need to have their access level set to Portal (Portfolio). The portfolio module will allow clients to view information on their portfolio such as value, performance, asset allocation and transactions. This information comes from the Portfolio IPS module within Xplan. It is therefore important that information within this section is complete and correct. If you use datafeeds to automatically update the Portfolio IPS section then correct datafeed maintenance should be carried out on a regular basis.

From the Adviser



From the Client