In this guide we will run through purging a Client + Partner record as well as run through the steps which should be taken before and after. You may need to completed this action in the case of a divorce or separation or if a client passes away. We will also run through switching a client from a partner to a master.

Purge a Client + Partner Record on Xplan

Before you purge a partner entity you must ensure there are no assets listed on the joint entity. To purge a client and partner entities navigate to the entity and Key DetailsGeneral. To purge select the arrow at the end of the Client Focus line to open up drop down options, and select Purge Partner Options

You will then need to choose to Separate so that the Client & Partner become separate entities.

Once you have selected Separate you will then see the options for the Filing notes.

  • Duplicate – To copy the notes listed against both the client and partner over to the new partner entity.
  • Share – the partner entity will receive a copy of all notes listed against the client.
  • Separate – The file notes will copy which were shared.

You can select the View examples hyperlink to view where the notes will go.

Once you have selected the filing method then select Ok. This page will then reload and you will be taken to the partner’s entity.


After the entities have purged you should check the filing section to ensure the correct notes have copied over to the correct entities.
If you find that you had selected an option which had not bought over all file notes you can amend under Filing.
To amend:
1. Select all notes you wish to copy over.

2. Then select the drop down option in front of one of the notes

3. Select Add/Remove Entities

4. A pop up box will appear.

a. If none of the note belong to the other entity then you will see only the one client. Select Add.

You will then be able to search for the purged partner entity. Select the entity and then select Ok.

You should then see both clients’ names showing.

b. If some of the notes belong to the client you will see a Copy file icon next to the other entities name. Select the icon to copy over all notes

Modifying Client Focus details

Once you have purged the entities you will then need to go through both the client and partners details to ensure there is no longer a mention of the other partner.

Address and Salutation

Under Key Details > General select Edit (1). You will then need to remove the name of the partner that is showing for both Salutation (2) and Address (3). Then select Save (4). Repeat the same for both Client and Partner.

Important Note: Care must be taken in updating the address and salutation as these details appear on letters and reports that are generated from Xplan.


If the client or partner have passed away or if one of them are no longer wishing to do business with you, you may need to change the Client Category.

To change the category you will need to navigate to Client Snapshot and select Edit (1).

Select the Client Category (2) appropriate and then select Save (3)


Updating Compliance Details

After you have purged partners you need to ensure the Compliance Details are also updated on the Partners side. You will need to navigate to Compliance > Core Compliance. Ensure all the correct details have copied over for the partner. You may need to review and then update where necessary.

Switching clients

To switch the clients so the partner becomes the client entity you will need to navigate to Key Details > General.

Select the arrow at the end of the Client Focus line to open up drop down options, and select Purge Partner Options. Select Switch to change the Client and Partner.