Now, you can model an Income change by modelling a changing Work Arrangement. This means its easier to model salary sacrifice contributions to super when your client’s income is changing.


Go to Input > Individual > Cashflow > Income 

Add the employment income normally, then click on the hyperlink for the income in the description column

From the edit income window, we can change the 'Apply income change' option to 'Include'

When updated, we can add the details of the change in work arrangement. 

Select the unit we want to apply changes in; either days, hours, amount or percentage.

Specify when the change in income will take place and what they are being changed to, in this case the client is changing his work arrangement to 4 days per week, as of the 1 July 2025.

We can apply multiple changes in work arrangements in different periods, in the 'Then change from' dropdown.


Click Done when all details are entered, you will then see the change in work arrangement entered on the line item on the Income page. 

We can now see the change in income applied in the display section of the CALM modelling.


Published by Garrett White