No, you can have only one Offset Account in an Xtools+ Scenario.

The way you would approach this would be to think about what the purpose of the projection is, as this will help to dictate the best way around the lack of functionality.

Probably the easiest option is to just repay the loans instead of hold the funds in an offset account and remove the cash asset. You could then just draw down the funds if you wanted to pull them out of an offset account to increase the loan balance.

However another option for example if you want to show the overall affect of the debt and using offset accounts, you could combine the loans into one and then use a weighted average interest rate across the products to demonstrate the effect.

If you are thinking about trying to show structuring advice then maybe setup multiple partial scenarios for each loan. You would ignore the overall charts and cash flow with this option but you would be able to show how each loan worked and then have another model for the overall scenario using potentially my earlier examples.


Published by Garrett White