Step 1: Access the WealthSolver Model Portfolios page

  1. Click on the Research button on the left hand navigation menu.
  2. Select WealthSolver.
  3. Select Tools.
  4. Select Model Portfolios.


Step 2: To add a Model Portfolio, click on the 'Add' button then select 'Model Portfolio'


Step 3: Select the plan from the list and enter a name for your Model Portfolio, then click Add



Step 4: Enter the allocate % amount for each investment option in your Model Portfolio, then click Save.

*You can filter the investment list by entering the APIR code or fund manager's name in the 'Filter Investment Options' box (1)

(In our example, we've only added the 1 investment option allocating 100% to this fund)



The Model Portfolios created will be listed in the panel as shown.


Step 5: Adding a custom investment option.

You can add a custom investment option to your model portfolio for example if you have inhouse funds or custom investment pricing.

  1. Select Add Investments.
  2. Select Add Custom.


  1. Complete Fund Name.
  2. Enter investment Code.
  3. Enter Fees.
  4. Enter Asset Allocation.
  5. Click O.K



Using Model Portfolios in WealthSolver

When you are using WealthSolver, in the Add Investments page, you can then choose to use the 'WealthSolver - Model Portfolios' and select which Model Portfolio you wish to apply to the plan.

Please note: you will only see the 'WealthSolver - Model Portfolio' option, if you are modelling in a plan that has Model Portfolios created (as per step 4 above). For example, if you only have Model Portfolios created for OnePath and your client's proposal is for BT, you will not see the model portfolio option.

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