The WealthSolver Quick Compare tool allows you to quickly compare features, ongoing fees, available investments and insurance options attached to superannuation and investment platforms.


Step 1: Access the Quick Compare tool

From the XPLAN menu select WealthSolver Functions > Quick Compare



Step 2: Select your plans to compare

  • Select Add plan from the top right hand side and select your plans to compare.
  • Add up to 10 plans to compare.
  • You can scroll down to review a comparison of the product details, costs, investment and insurance availability.
  • You can move thought the left-hand menu options to review and adjust details such as the ongoing fees and the investment or insurance options you are wanting to recommend.

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Step 3: Compare investment options

  • To compare investment options, select investments from the left-hand menu then + under each Platform 



  • Then choose to add investments, either from the list of products available on the platform or by adding a model portfolio.



Step 4: Select Report to run a report showing any or all of your comparisons