The Insurance Comparison Table

The comparison table is not a comparison of what features the provider/platform offers, it is a comparison of the actual features/options that the client is currently covered for or will be covered for as part of the proposed insurance. 

The table does not show all features available by the Service Provider, otherwise the client may interpret that as they are covered for all the options. 

The Insurance Comparison table will only display a 'Yes' for the features/options that the client actually has in place with their existing insurance and what the adviser has recommended in their proposed insurance.

Client Focus Details

To ensure that these options flow through to the Insurance Comparison table you will need to update the clients existing insurance/s following the instructions below:

1. Within the Client Menu, go to Financial Information --> Insurance > By Policy Owner

2. Click on Mceclip1 next to the applicable policy


3. Click Mceclip3 next to the relevant Cover type



4. From the Cover Details menu on the left--> RR Options



5. Select the Options that your client currently has in their insurance policy

6. Click Save



This will then link it to the premium options available in Risk Researcher for your comparison. 

Proposed Policy Features

The Proposed Policy features, will only display a 'Yes' if the adviser has recommended these options in the cover selection section of their Risk Researcher recommendations.