By default, Xplan sets the Task preferences to a standard view. You can amend this to suit your needs and the changes will only effect your login.

The main preference that often gets updated is the Range of the tasks, which by default is set to show the tasks that are due 7 days from todays date. It is suggested to have the Range default to All Incomplete so that it shows any outstanding Tasks past, present and future.



1. Navigate to My preferences



2. In the left menu, click on Tasks --> Preferences.


3. The Category required to set the Range on all client tasks is Entity Tasks. The page will reload after changing this so wait for this to complete before moving on.

Change the Default Criteria to All Incomplete

Subject: This area sets the character length of the Task subject. If you would like to have the Task subject appear in its entirety, remove the number and leave it blank

Entity: Same as the Subject however for the clients name.


This will only change the defaults when viewing the tasks via a client.

4. You will need to Save after you have finished changing your "Preferences". Other Categories that will also require this change if you are checking Tasks overall across your practices are:

  • All Tasks
  • Recurring Tasks
  • Tasks I assigned
  • Tasks in my group
  • Tasks to do

**Please note, if you are going to update your Preferences for each of the Categories, remember to Save each time you have finished.


Task List Column Configuration

This section can be configured to display the information related to the Column heading in the Task.

1. Simply tick/untick the Column heading based on your desired view

2. You can also Add other Xplan fields as Column headings.

3. Remember to click Save at the top right of the page to apply the changes.


Task List Column Sorting Configuration

This section is purely for the Sort Order of the standard task Columns

****Please note that any extra fields added via the previous Task List Column Configuration section will not appear in this list.