• Navigate to Admin > Site > Templates > Tasks and thread template > Tasks


  • Select Add to add new task template
  • Enter a subject and description and complete the relevant fields and tabs




Hints & Tips:

Assigned To: Wherever possible this should be set to be assigned to a Dynamic Assignee such as 'Adviser' or 'Administrator' rather than a specific individual. A Dynamic Assignee is when a task is assigned to the person listed in a particular role against the client. If a team member leaves, it is easier to update the roles for a client then to update the task assignee of multiple tasks.

Private/Share: Should be set to Share in specified groups with the XPLAN user group/ practice selected rather then set to Share with my groups as, if a team member leaves or joins another practice and there XPLAN user group changes this can cause visibility issues

Supplementary Tab: If you want to report on whether tasks are able to be completed within a specified number of days or minutes you can set the benchmark days and minutes here. If a user then updates the time taken when completing the task you can report on this

Comments: Comments would be generally be update once the template has been assigned to a client but you can create a checklist of items that must be ticked off before the task can be completed

Outcomes: You can use outcomes to automate specific actions such as updating a field or redirecting the user to an email template to send

Email: On the email tab you can automate the sending of an email when the task is created or completed without any interaction required from the user

Xmerge: You can link the task to an Xmerge Template so that the template merges against the client and attaches itself to the task automatically. Such as merging and attaching a fact find merge template to a review task so an adviser can review all the information on file by downloading the document

Notification: Use notifications wisely. Only notify users of tasks when necessary to avoid inbox overload