As a result of recent changes by Microsoft, .doc format (1997-2003) will no longer be supported;

Microsoft is advising that the only way forward is to save the documents as a .docx file format if you wish to continue using these templates.

You will begin to see an additional merge button on the final page of Compass wizards that use this format which will be included in the button name.

If there are any site wide merge documents which you experience this issue with, please send a screenshot of its location to Xplan support to update.

If you have your own personal merge templates that you have created, please follow the instructions bellow to update to .docx format.

Navigate to Admin (cog wheel icon) > Site > Templates 

Then locate the merge 'Category' > then select the relevant merge template.


From the merge template, go to the 'Main' page > Click 'Edit'

Update the output format from User Default to 'Microsoft Word 2007+ (.docx). > Then click 'Save'.

Please note that changing the format to .docx may have formatting implications for your document. We strongly recommend testing the merge output to ensure the desired results.