Soft Dollar Register allows you to record the benefits provided to an asset manager by a broker-dealer as a result of commissions generated from financial transaction executed by the broker-dealer for client accounts or funds managed by the asset manager.  

How to access the Register

Access to your Soft Dollar Register is through XPLAN. A user can locate the Register once logged in by clicking on your name and then My Preferences button.

From the left hand side menu bar, please locate the My Details option and then click on it to access the sub menu and you will have Soft Dollar benefits Register.

Adding Information to your Register

To add details to your Register, click on the ADD button to access the relevant fields. You can upload attached documents/ receipts / scanned details into the attachment section, however this is not mandatory.

Once the details have been entered, please click the SAVE button.

A User can ONLY access the Soft Dollar Register within their own User profile, not within the profile of any other User. The Adviser will need to have the capability turned on.