Managed Fund Portfolios/Super Funds/Pension Funds - If you do not know the APIR code, it is recommended you contact the platform provider and request the APIR code for each investment. Alternatively, if you have access to WealthSolver, you can search for the correct APIR code by selecting the relevant platform and searching for the investments available in that platform.

Other resources could be a search on the platforms website or is great for searching for codes. When searching via the description in XPLAN, filter the exchange by FND. It's also important that you can identify if the managed fund is via the pension, super or investment platform. Super Investments are usually abbreviated by an PS, Pension by AP and Investment Portfolio by IP.

Shares - Use the Filter options and search by ASX Exchange. For example; if your client owns Commonwealth Bank shares, typing CBA or Commonwealth Bank into the search bar will produce a huge list of results.  By using the Filters, and selecting ASX as the exchange, it will narrow the search results to show only the shares that match your search description.

Bank Accounts - Everyday bank accounts such as a CBA Savings Account is not generally found in IPS. You will need to ask your XPLAN Champion to create a new product for the bank accounts. 

Term Deposits - To search for Term Deposits, you can filter the search by the Exchange using FND and in the Fund Manager Filter select Term Deposit. Then enter the name of the provider such as NAB, then click search. A range of Term Deposits for different terms will be returned in the results.

Investment Properties - You can search by entering Investment Property or the code INVPROP. If you want to override the name, you can personalise it with the address of the property or name of building by adding it using the Purchase method and entering the name you wish to override it with. You can not override the name if you do it via Quick Entry.