What do I do when I receive an 'Unknown account' datafeed message

Unknown accounts are essentially where a provider has sent an account number to XPLAN without enough information for XPLAN to process it. If you have the datafeed notifications turned on, you will receive a notification via the envelope with a message similar to:

Unknown account M1234567 on holding balance. There is no account mapping for this account. Please manually create account mapping and then refresh the account to receive data. Adviser (F2011111).

To resolve you will need to look up which client the account belongs to on the providers website then manually create the mapping in XPLAN.

Step 1: Manually map the account

  • Navigate to Portfolios > Admin> External Accounts in the client record
  • Select Add External Account
  • Select the Vendor (Provider), add the account number and choose whether to create a new account or map the data to an existing account. Select Ok

Manually Map The Account

Step 2: Refresh the datafeed

  • Under 'Action' select to refresh the data to bring the transactions into XPLAN
  • As this will be the first time data has been imported you can leave 'Delete existing data?' and 'Override date locks?' set to No.

Refresh The Datafeed