Date locks are a way Xplan users can put a ‘lock’ in place to protect previously imported or manually entered data from being overridden by the datafeed.

You may have reviewed all the data that has been imported by a particular datafeed up to 30 June 2022 and you are happy with the detail. As you have reviewed this data you don’t want the datafeed to change anything if data is supplied again by the platform.

To achieve this, you can enter a Date Lock e.g. 01/07/2022 against the Clients Account, Platform or Adviser Level (details on how to do this are outlined below). This informs the datafeed it can only import transaction based data into Xplan that has a Trade or Accrual date greater than or equal to 01/07/2022.

How to add Lock Dates

You can add a Lock date at 3 different levels as per below:

  • Client Account Level - to add a date lock at the client account level, navigate to your clients record. Go to Portfolios > Admin > Cash and Accounts. Click on the pencil button next to the account you wish to add a date lock to and update the Account Lock Date field. Click OK once completed.


  • Adviser Datafeed Level - Navigate to (Mceclip0 > Integration > System Datafeeds > Mappings > Advisers). Search for the Adviser. Click on the Pencil button next to the datafeed you want to add a Lock Date to. Tick the box and update the Lock Date Field. This locks all data coming in under this adviser code. Click Save once completed.



  • Platform Level - Please note you will need to check with your Xplan Administrator before making any changes, or you may not have the required access level.

Navigate to (Mceclip0 > Integration > System Datafeeds > Edit the relevant Platform)

Mceclip0 (1)

Mceclip1 (1)

  1. First you will need to untick Use Xplan defaults
  2. Tick Enable Lock and enter in the Lock Date
  3. Save