When the cash account is unbalanced, you can either choose to contact the provider to refresh the account, or manually adjust the account to achieve balance. Sometimes, refreshing the account from the provider's end may not resolve the issue, especially if old transactions are not supplied in the feed to Xplan.


To add manual transactions, follow these steps:

Step 1: Choose the correct portfolio account.


Step 2: Click the down arrow next to the cash account and select "View transactions" to go to the transaction page on Xplan.


Step 3: Click the down arrow next to one of the transactions then select either ‘Add Purchase’ or ‘Add Sale’. You will be prompted to the next page to enter the specific details of the manual transaction.


Step 4: Enter the transaction date and the gross amount. The date can be the date you adjust the balance. Check the transaction history of the cash account in the platform to identify the correct balance up to date. For example, if the updated balance for today's date is $16,240, but it only shows $8,220 on Xplan, the account is out of balance by $8,020. In this case, add a manual sale of $8,020 into the cash account as below. Then click Save.

Once done, a manual transaction will be added to the transaction page on Xplan.


Step 5: Add a date lock. The manual transaction will be overridden by the datafeed refresh if you don’t add a date lock on the account. To add a date lock, go to the position page and click the pencil button.

Change the account lock date to the next day after the date of the manual transaction. In this case, it is 09/01/2024. Click save.