The below Community Link has a list of the most recently raised and currently known datafeed issues with the various providers:

Iress Community - Known Data Provider Issues


Known Data Provider Issue: Custom Investment Codes

Iress Community Update - Known Data Provider Issue: Custom Investment Codes


Data providers utilise custom investment codes which either do not exist in Iress systems or are being used for different investments.

Custom investment codes are generated by data providers for a variety of reasons, the main being:

- Unlisted securities (i.e. a security that is either not traded on an exchange or which does not exist in the Iress security system)

- Datafeed file format limitations

- Temporary codes to reflect hybrid or corporate action events


Where a security imports to Xplan as unlisted, pricing will default to $1 = 1 unit.  If this pricing is incorrect, data providers should also supply pricing via the datafeed.  Xplan users should enable the Import Asset Details, Asset Allocation and Asset Pricing datafeed processing options for the datafeeds that supply unlisted securities.

Where a custom code has been generated but this code has already been used in Iress systems for a different security, a position will be created in Xplan as per the Iress listing.  Asset details (name etc.) and pricing will be incorrect.  In many cases, Iress can perform a mapping to force the custom code supplied by the data provider to link to the Iress listing.  Where this is not possible, manual workaround can potentially be applied.