You will need to set up BT Panorama to register with them, and obtain your Adviser code. 

Registration can be completed by logging into your Panorama online account, and then going to "Business > Datafeeds".

On that screen, you should see an option for "Create New Data Feed".

Click on that, then follow along with the on-screen prompts, and ensure you select Xplan as the destination.


Once you have completed the setup, and have your Adviser Code (this is a nine digit number, usually starting with a '20' (eg. 202374323)), you can Add the mapping in Xplan.

BT can be contacted at for any assistance.


Updating on Xplan

To use the initial balance feature, Navigate to the button > Integration > System Datafeeds

From System Datafeeds page, click Mappings > Advisers

The 'User' that the Adviser Mapping is added against will be the 'Vendor Adviser, it is best practice that the user selected is the 'Client Adviser' in Xplan.

When the correct user is selected, click Add Mapping.

Select Panorama as the Provider,

Panorama require the following details to establish datafeeds;

Adviser Name (Adviser Name as registered with Provider, if it is different to the Xplan user name)

Adviser ID (this is a nine digit number, usually starting with a '20' (eg. 202374323).

Enter a comment with you name, date added, this will be useful for troubleshooting at a later date.


The Panorama datafeed will appear as a line item under the user it was added against, the new/updated adviser mapping can take 24-48 hours to register with IressNet


Published by Garrett White