Once your site administrator has set up the system settings to enable digital signatures and provided you with the capability you can set up a document to be digitally signed as follows:

Step 1. Upload a PDF to the file notes area of a client record. The document must be a PDF to be eligible to be signed digitally.


Step 2. Enable Digital Signatures and set the signatories

  • Select the action icon to the left of the note and choose Digital Signatures



  • Select the document to be signed
  • Select the signatories and save
  • Choose to finalise the signatories.¬†


Step 3. Notify the client that a document requires their signature.

  • Click notify to send the email


Step 3. Opt to have the client view and sign the digital document while in the office with you.

  • Click View and Sign



Step 4: Check the Digital Signature log under Mceclip0--> Signatures to view the status of all your digital documents