Step 1. Navigate to the Key Details > Main page

Navigate to the Key Details > Client Details page of a client record.




In your site this page may be called Main, Key Details or Client Details. It is usually towards the top of the menu and will contain all the basic client information such as name, date of birth and marital status.


Step 2: Select Purge Partner 

Select the icon at the end of the client name's in the top bar and choose Purge Partner Options.



If the purge Partner Option is not available you may be on the wrong page or may need to ask your site administrator to adjust your capabilities.


Step 3: Choose the option that applies.

Select Separate and choose the option that applies from the 3 options below.




Tips:  If your client and partner have joint holdings in IPS, XPLAN creates a new entity representing the joint assets. You can then remap any datafeeds or manually transfer the holdings to the correct entity as needed. Once any joint holdings have been allocated you can delete the joint entity that XPLAN created.