The following procedure uses a CWT email template with a hyperlink (click response) to make it easy for clients to acknowledge they have watched and understood the video. 


Client responses to the emails are picked up by an overnight alert triggering a task template to ensure you are notified of the clients response.

Composing the email

Start a new email to the client by clicking an email address hyperlink in the client record


Once in the email editor, select the following template


Check over the content of the email, the text can be adjusted to suit your business.

When ready click send.


The email will be sent to the client awaiting their response.  When the client clicks the hyperlink they will receive the following message.


Alert of a response

The response fields can be viewed in Compliance – Reviews.

A response made by the client will change the data on these status fields instantly.


The client service manager will be notified when the field changes from blank to a value of ‘Yes’ by way of an alert email as pictured below.  Note that the alert runs every evening so there will be a slight delay until you are notified of their decision. Also, if several clients were emailed and they all make the same decision, the alert email will contain information from multiple clients. A task will be added to all clients listed on the email.


Alert task management

So that you don’t lose track of responses, a task is added to each client as appropriate. It is important to complete this task to ensure that the client response is recorded in the necessary file notes

Complete the task added to record details of the outcome, here is an example.


Completing the task will perform an activity: -

Automatic Activity – Add File Note

Will take you to the ‘Add file note’ page with an appropriate add file note template, see picture below.