Video Published May 2018



This guide and video shows you how to set up your own default Portfolio (IPS) view.


This guide shows you how to set up your own default Portfolio (IPS) view to better suit your needs when you are accessing clients Portfolio Position

Setting filters:

1. First enter a client; Portfolios (IPS) > Portfolio > Position

2. Certain fields in the following section could be defaulted set that every time you enter a client you will be allowed to view it in a certain layout

3. First section to look at is within Portfolios (IPS)> Settings

4. Here we can choose whether the landing page of the Portfolio Position is page is the selected client or whether it defaults to View All which means the client, partner, joint, SMSF and any other related entities within the client group. This can be toggled within the field Default Portfolio Display

5. Below you can see the aggregation settings. Aggregate means to consolidate all the same holdings together. So if you had purchased funds and different position across different portfolio account they will be all added together, while No Aggregate separates each holding by the position ID.

(Note: Please see the picture in step 4 for our preferred settings)

6. The next setting that could be changed is whether you want to view All Securities (allows you to view all securities even the securities that had been sold) or Current Securities (view the current securities that the client owns).

7. Go to Client Menu> Portfolios (IPS)> Admin> Properties and change the field Position Display Filter.