The General Score is a Rating Approach used in Risk Researcher which awards higher ratings to providers that provide a greater level of assurity to policyholders or provide a higher probability that a claim will be admitted.

Rating Structure
Most of the evaluated provisions employ an A-B-C rating structure where by an ‘A’ is deemed to the most generous definition in the current market and a ‘C’ rating is deemed to be the most restrictive. Any provision that does not meet the ‘A’ rating or ‘C’ rating definition will receive a ‘B’ rating.

Some of the evaluated provisions employ a Yes/No rating structure. These provisions are referred to as non-rateable provisions. Provisions classed as non-rateable will be provisions that we feel are either:

  • Too difficult to assign objective ratings within an A-B-C rating structure
  • Of a nature in which assessing the quality of such a feature is of limited value.

Provision Categories
Risk Researcher splits its evaluated provisions into two categories, Core and Supplementary.

Core provisions are those features and definitions that are a fundamental part as to why a consumer would consider the need to purchase a particular type of cover. Core provisions are identified by upper case letter ratings.

Supplementary provisions are ‘value adding’ features and definitions that are secondary considerations when determining the need to purchase a particular type of risk product. Supplementary provisions are identified by lower case ratings.

Product Scores
Risk Researcher generates overall product scores, on a core provision and supplementary provision basis.

Product scores are determined by:

  • The rating awarded to each evaluated provision
  • The weighting setting applied by the adviser to each evaluated provision.

Note: Premiums are not factored in when determining product scores.

The General Score shown on screen represents the core score / supplementary score

Risk Researcher Core Supplementary

The weighting profiles settings applied by the adviser can be adjusted under Mceclip0> Risk Researcher > Settings

Risk Researcher Weighting Profiles Settings