Should you have an Insurance policy that has more then 1 life present, it’s best to enter this as 2 individual policies in ‘Financial Details -> Insurance Details’ pages, this will enable you to be able to complete your modelling in Risk Researcher.

At present if a policy that includes cover for more then 1 life, when it imports into Risk Researcher, it will be listed as a ‘Combined’ policy but will not be able to be selected for comparisons / modelling as Risk Researcher only reviews a single entity at a time. You will instead need to enter the cover as 2 individual policies.

Noting when you perform your modelling, your premiums may need to be manually updated as the fees being reported through Risk Researcher for comparison cover, will be only for the single entity and not multiple.

If the policy is being datafeed supplied, you will need to navigate to ‘Financial Details -> Insurance Details -> By Cover’ to see the cover per life insured, as when viewing the covers listed on the ‘By Policy’ page it only shows the cover per ownership:



The below example shows that happens when a combined cover has been entered or flows through on an insurance datafeed:




Published by Joshua Heath