The Outlook Plugin allows a user to file an email received in outlook directly to the file notes section of XPLAN.

Once the plugin is activated, a pop-up displays in Outlook where you can set the details for the note to be created, including related clients, visibility settings and the Note Type and Subtype. The Note Subject is pre-filled with the email Subject, while the content of the email is saved as the Note contents and any attachments are saved as attachments to the note.

When you use the Outlook Plugin, XPLAN tracks subsequent correspondence in the email thread so if you run the plugin on a later email in the same thread, such as a reply from the client, XPLAN will add the content of this new email to the existing file note, so a single note can hold the entire contents of an email conversation.

Access to the Outlook plugin requires the User Capability File Email as Docnote.


Install the Outlook Plugin - Older than 2016

1. From the Left menu click on Mceclip0 > Integration > Email Plugins

2. Change the Select Email Client to Outlook Desktop - 2016 and older

3. Click Install Outlook Plugin to download the file. You may need to ask permission from your IT team to download the file.

Note: If Outlook was open while you installed the plugin you must restart Outlook.


Entering your details

1. In Outlook you will now have the Plugin available on the toolbar, click on the following icon


2. Enter your XPLAN Site URL and your XPLAN Username and Password.

3. Click Validate Site Credentials and the result should be Valid provided your details have been entered correctly

4. Additional Settings:

Document Settings - can set the default Note Type and Subtype and visibility Permission of created Notes. Recommended Permission is Shared with Client Groups

Optional Fields in Client Search Result - when searching for the client via the plug-in (seen later), these are extra search filters.

Never - I do not want to file emails to XPLAN - this is the Recommended option, otherwise every email you send/receive will ask if you want to file to XPLAN.

Xplan navigation popup - after filing an email, you will be directed to the File Notes section of that client in Xplan.

5. Click Close


Filing an email

1. To file an email manually, locate the email that you wish to save to XPLAN,

2. Right click on the email, then select File to XPLAN.


You also have the option of clicking the File to XPLAN button when you have opened the email in a separate window.



3. Type in the Name for the client to file the email against, entity ID can also be used.

4. Click Search

5. From the Search Result, click on the Client the email is to be filed to, then click on Mceclip10 to move the client over the Selected Entities section


6. In the Document Settings section set the Note Type and Subtype, and the Permission if needed. Otherwise this would have been set when entering the Plugin login details initially

7. Click OK.

The email will now be saved against the client as a file note


You will get this message to confirm the email has been filed, and if you selected Show to the Xplan navigation popup setting, you will have the option to directly navigate to Xplan by click Yes