There are a number of ways you can achieve this:


Outlook Xplan Plugin

Refer to Article How do I install the Outlook Plugin V2/V3? | Centrepoint Alliance Technology Solutions (

Email forwarding
'Remote filing' is simply the act of pushing content into XPLAN when your not using XPLAN.

Via Group Id forwarding

  1. Send your email to your client's preferred email address (which needs to be the email address captured within their Xplan profile and
  2. CC your group's unique XPLAN email address ( - contact your site admin to confirm your group id.

Direct Client Forwarding

  1. Entering the client's unique XPLAN email address ( and
  2. Update the 'Subject' line to ensure that the Note Type and Subtype are correctly assigned when XPLAN 'processes' the email.

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The client's unique XPLAN email address will be their entity id @ your XPLAN site name.

You can find the Entity I.D

  1. in the web address bar, or
  2. By navigating to Key Details>Client Details and under Client Record>Entity I.D

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*Your Site Administrator will need to enable this functionality on your site and you will need to have email address white listed.