If a model has not yet been created, please see article How to create a Target Set (Model Portfolio)


If you are using IPS via the Advice Builder Wizard, when in the Proposed Investments page, click on Models




1. If you are using IPS outside of the Wizard (Recommended), from the left client menu, click on Portfolios (IPS) module > Model > Model

2. Select the Account to be displayed and modelled

3. Click on Mceclip3 next the account to model

Please Note: Do click on Switch to Basic Mode if you have already started your modelling as this will cancel all changes you have made.



4. The main Model Types you'll use are Current and Portfolio Weight.

Use the Portfolio Weight option when you're dealing with multiple accounts and you want to re-balance the client's portfolio between them. The weight of each account can be set in the Model Weight (%) field.

Current only applies the target set to the individual holdings within the chosen portfolio account. When you select Current, the target weight of the proposed portfolio won't change, therefore the Model Weight (%) field will be non-editable.


5. Beneath Target Set Products, Click on Mceclip7 --> Add Target Set




6. In the Tree/Set Name dropdown, select the Model to be used

7. Enter the Set Weight % of the model to be applied. If there's only one model it will be 100%, if there are multiple models, ensure they all add up to 100%

8. Click Save



9. The Target Effects panel shows the Current holdings, Target weighting, the Adjustments that have been applied and the Proposed amount for each investment.

Any adjustments that are in brackets indicate the funds that are being sold out of and the rest which are being purchased, re-balancing the portfolio in line with the targeted allocation. You can make changes by manually editing the figures in the adjustment field.

Please note, if you do make changes, the rest of the portfolio doesn’t automatically rebalance.

10. The Adjustment column should equal out to $0, with matching Current and Proposed figures.

11. Once the Adjustments have been finalised, click on Accept as Recommendations


If you are using the Wizard, you'll need to click on the Apply button to add the changes to the Proposed Investments