Please Note: This requires the IPS module on your user login. 


If you are using IPS via the Advice Builder Wizard, go to the Proposed Investments page


1. If you are using IPS outside of the Wizard (Recommended), from the left client menu, click on Portfolios (IPS) module > Model > Recommend.

2. Select the Account to be displayed and modelled.

3. If you are rebalancing existing investments, simply enter in the amount to be added to an Investment, then enter a negative amount equal to the amount added, or as needed if multiple investments. The figures shown in brackets eg $(10,000.00) represents a negative adjustment.

If you are not adding any further investments, the Switch is now complete.


4. If you are going to recommend Adding a new holding to the portfolio, click on the Add button on the top right --> Holding

5. Ensure the correct Account is selected

6. Search for the investment option via the Security fields. Although you can search by name, it will be more efficient to search via the APIR code of the investment eg CBA.ASX. If you need to add more options that the list provides, click on Mceclip4

7. Enter the Market Value or Units. Note the Allocation Mode can also be changed to Percentage.

8. Click Save


9. Now that the new holding has been added, enter in a negative amount equal to the new holding in the applicable holding, and the Switch is now complete.

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