There may be instances where a Datafeed has not auto mapped to the appropriate client. Below are the steps required to Map the datafeed account.

Navigate to System datafeeds by clicking on Mceclip1> Integration > System datafeeds.


On the left-hand side menu, select Mappings > IPS External Accounts 


Search by Client Name or Account Number if you have those details and select List Unmapped in the Listing Options field to produce the list of unmapped Datafeeds. 

The search can be refined further using the remaining fields if needed.

In order to search overall, no need to enter any other details apart from the Listing Options field to Lit Unmapped and will provide you with a list of all the Unmapped Datafeed accounts.


To map the datafeed to the client, click on Mceclip6 then select Map.


1. Click on Mceclip9 to produce the Search box


2. Input the client's name in the Search box, then press Enter on your keyboard to search for the client.

3. Click on the entity you wish to map by clicking on their name.

    • Please note if you wish to map a Joint account, you will need to search the Main Client as seen above where the joint profile of CClient, Testing & PClient, Testing is also a mapping Option.

4. Click OK

5. There is no need to change anything here, click Save


You will then be taken to the IPS External Accounts page where the process can be repeated for any other unmapped Datafeeds.


Re - Mapping

At times a datafeed may be mapped (or linked) to the incorrect client or to a duplicate client that you wish to delete. Remapping (or re-linking) the datafeed to the correct client will bring across all existing transactions that have been received to date and also ensure that all future transactions are added to the correct client.

There are 2 ways a datafeed can be Remapped. 


The First method is the exact same process outlined in the above Mapping section, except you will need to choose Remap instead of Map.


The second method can be done through the client directly.

1. Once in the client that the account is incorrectly mapped to, go to the Portfolios section

2. Check and make sure the entity selected is the client in question. If this says View All, then the options in Step 3 will not appear, so you will need to change it via the Portfolio --> Position Screen, by clicking on View All, selecting the appropriate client, then go to Step 3.

Mceclip5 (1)

3. Click on Admin --> External Accounts

4. Click on Mceclip3 --> Remap

5. Click on Mceclip6 (1) to bring up the search box

6. Type in the name or client ID you would like to Remap to, and press Enter on your keyboard to bring up the search results

7. Click on the client so it is highlighted.

8. Click OK 

Mceclip4 (1)


9. Check the Select appropriate client: is correct, then click Save



The account will now be remapped to the client selected above.