Macquarie's ESI (External Systems Interface) access code is a unique code that allows you to share your client’s Macquarie data (account, transaction and balance data) with select third party providers of your choosing.

You can view your ESI details and retrieve new ones online via Macquarie Adviser Online – you’ll just need your mobile and your Macquarie Adviser Online login details. To check or change your provided mobile number see How can I update my adviser details online?

Retrieving new ESI details in Adviser Online

  1. Log into Macquarie Adviser Online
  2. Select the user profile icon from the right-hand side of the top menu and select ESI details
  3. Click Generate new code
  4. Select Send
  5. If you’ve registered for Macquarie Authenticator:
    1. Open the Macquarie Authenticator push notification
    2. Review the details
    3. Click Approve
  6. If you’re not registered for Macquarie Authenticator:
    1. You’ll receive a one-time SMS code on your registered mobile number. Enter the secure code
  7. Click Submit
  8. Copy and paste the Authentication Code and Password displayed in Macquarie Adviser Online into the appropriate fields on your financial planning software to authorise the ESI data feeds.

Your new ESI access code is effective immediately but you’ll have to update any system with this new code before it can begin successfully requesting client data. This will also expire any previously generated ESI access codes.

Important: ESI access codes expire one year from the date they are created. Once expired, any data sharing under these credentials will cease. We recommended updating your ESI access code before it expires.

This information was sourced from Macquarie's Adviser Help Centre on the How do I retrieve a new ESI access code? Please refer to this page, for potential changes in set up process.


Adding/Updating on Xplan

o use the initial balance feature, Navigate to the button > Integration > System Datafeeds

From System Datafeeds page, click Mappings > Advisers

The 'User' that the Adviser Mapping is added against will be the 'Vendor Adviser, it is best practice that the user selected is the 'Client Adviser' in Xplan.

When the correct user is selected;

If the adviser does not currently have a Macquarie ESI Adviser Mapping, click Add Mapping.

If the adviser already has a Macquarie Adviser Mapping but it has expired, click on the edit pencil on the Macquarie ESI mapping.


From the 'Add External Adviser ID' page, select Macquarie ESI from the Provider dropdown menu, the credentials required will update.


Click , a notification will appear whether they are valid or not,

If they are invalid, check that there are no trailing spaces in the password or username when copied/pasted. If not, contact Macqaurie with screenshots of Xplan and with credentials used.

If Validated, enter a comment with you name, date added and ESI Credentials used, this will be useful for troubleshooting at a later date.


The Macquarie adviser mapping will appear as a line item under the user it was added against, the new/updated adviser mapping can take 24-48 hours to register with IressNet, once added, you can then add the Macquarie WRAP and/or Macquarie Cash Management adviser mappings to complete the process.


Macquarie WRAP & Cash Management 

Once the Macquarie ESI Set up has been complete and entered in Xplan, your Macquarie Adviser code linked to the Registered ESI must also be entered in, both for the Macquarie WRAP and Cash Management Products. 


Published by Garrett White