Clients have the option of paying fees via Direct Debit from the bank account. We can’t debit credit cards. Direct debit forms are found in the CWT Document library (see below screenshot).


Download both the Direct Debit Form & the Direct Debit Service Agreement, complete the Direct Debit Form with the client’s details ensuring the client’s bank details are written clearly. The Service Agreement is to be given to the client.


The completed DDR form is to be uploaded into the client’s file notes. Send an email to the remuneration team ( and include the client name & entity ID please.

Ongoing debits are processed on the 15th of each month (or next business day) and one off debits are processed every Monday.

Funds are held for 3 days (in case there are dishonours) before it is processed in CommPay & paid in the regular weekly payment cycle. If the debit transaction dishonours, an email is sent to the Adviser/Practice for them to contact the client and will need to inform the Remuneration team if the debit is to be reprocessed.

An invoice needs to be created in CWT to process the payment. Invoice procedures are found in the CWT document library. (See below screenshot)


A recurring invoice can be used for monthly debits. This will generate a new invoice for each month. Alternatively, one invoice can be used for a total fee with equal monthly debit amounts to be processed until the total has been reached.

Please ensure the correct revenue type is selected when completing the Lodge screen. The On-Going Fees revenue type is included when doing an FDS for the client.

Please note in the instance where a client requests to terminate their direct debit please make the recurring invoice template in CWT inactive so no further invoices are created and email the Rem Team to remove the file from the DDR file. Also that if a DDR is replacing an existing one, please notify us to remove the existing one from the DDR file.


If you have any questions regarding this process contact the Remuneration Team using the below details:

Remuneration and Reporting

T 1300 557 598 (Option 1 > Option 2)